FRANK Meat & Taps

FRANK Meat & Taps, the best meat restaurant in Dubai, features a free-spirited urban ambience and generous portions that lead the way to hearts through the ribs!
Meat enthusiasts can expect a mouthwatering experience at FRANK, known for the best ribs and the best burgers in Dubai. The eatery’s signature dish consists of unique lamb chops that undergo an elaborate cooking process lasting more than 24 hours, ensuring a depth of unparalleled flavor with hearty portions. Served with a variety of exquisite sauces and dips, each bite offers a delicate taste into the dish’s craftsmanship that delights the palate and satisfies meat cravings. Additionally, the bar menu in Dubai complements the hearty meals perfectly, making FRANK the ultimate destination for meat lovers.


Get your favorite meals delivered right to your doorstep!

Signature dishes

Due to a high volume of reservations, the booking form on the website may be unavailable. In this case, please call the restaurant directly at the provided phone number to make a reservation

+971 58 634 88 11


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